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Last month as a GLUE event we held a Riddle Hunt Contest in Black Desert Online. Using a series of three riddles each player attempted to unravel the riddles the fastest in order to be the first to find each riddler’s hiding spot. Congratulations to Lord Ryland for winning the first Riddle Hunt and thank you to all who came out for it.

This month as part of supporting the growing guild in BDO we are proud to announce the promotion of Baroness FrostDreams to Countess and the appointment of Baron Bad_Apple. Congratulations to them both.

Looking forward we’re anticipating the release of this year’s Halloween events and to the release of the new Mystic class.

Count Corval Avoriel

Hail *NOR/!

Dungeons & Dragons Online is eleven years old and still going strong!  With a fourteen classes and fifteen races to choose from, more than 400 unique quests, 30 levels to ascend through, and multiple ways to customize, there is never a dull moment!  Best of all, DDO is a free to play game! 

Please join the New OutRiders branch of DDO; and if you want to view some DDO gameplay to get a sense of the game mechanics, feel free to follow Yavool's Twitch channel at

Lord Yavool Ramnoth

*Our newly taken Guild Hall "Windswept Haven!"


On September 22nd, the GW2 branch of NOR set out to the Crystal Desert to take on a mad god! Yes, the expansion has arrived with all kinds of new content, some quality of life upgrades, and of course, cool mounts! You can find links to the full patch notes on our NOR forums. Many of us have been re-learning our combat rotations with the release of the new elite specializations, which is providing a fresh experience for all classes. There are new races, bounty events, and achievements galore with the advent of Path of Fire. We look forward to running bounty events and discovering what other surprises await with the new meta.

With the arrival of Path of Fire is a new Guild Hall called Windswept Haven. We held an open vote on whether or not to keep our current location at Gilded Hollow or to acquire the new one, and who can resist the new and shiny?! Windswept Haven won by a landslide and after a hard fought fight, NOR successfully captured it with some great teamwork. Much ale and Choya kabobs were consumed in celebration!

Still not enough for you to do? Well, you can put your mettle to the test in our Raid Formation group. We will begin hosting events on Thursday nights that are aimed at getting prospective raiders together to start fostering teamwork and synergy. Everyone is welcome to join and the groups will be organized according to the goals of the event. We will have more announcements in the coming weeks about schedule changes given the shift in interest that new expansions often bring.

We have had a busy month with promotions and new members. We’re excited to recognize ErnieAxeman as our newest Knight, DKShang as Squire Honor, and Mith, Exphio, VixxLetum, and LatinumLetum as squires. We also warmly welcome AmaraLaluz, FatCowOfChaos, Magomus, Shawn27, Alardon, and BorealisSol as our newest recruits. It’s exciting to have you with us and we hope you enjoy your time here. Happy gaming all, and enjoy the new content!

Duke Windemere


We've reached a big milestone this month: Thanks to the generous donations and hard work of NORbies, our Rank 14 castle in Neverwinter is currently baking along with other support structures! The holes in the roof have been patched. The trash has been cleaned up. The shrubbery is trimmed. Even the piranhas in the moat has been fed. It's starting to look like a real home. More importantly, it means that we can build an additional boon structure that benefits everyone. By votes from the NOR forum, we've decided on the Explorer's Guild. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions and cast their vote!

There have also been recent changes to older campaigns that now require far fewer doodads to complete. Many of us are taking advantage of the recent in-game events to finish those campaigns.

A couple of NORbies have recently braved the newest dungeon, Tomb of the Nine Gods, where it's full of puzzles and traps. More of us are close to unlocking it. By next month, we should be have small but significant upgrades to report on.

Until next month,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline

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