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I’d like to say congratulations to Duchess Kinaria on level 59, High Council Ryland on level 58 and Squire Thraetta on level 57. If you have played BDO you know it’s not so easy to level up after 55. Good job guys we are so proud of you!

We now have part 2 of Kamasylvia open to us. A lot of us are super excited about this, and there is a race to level 58 for the ones that haven’t hit it yet so we can start to do quests there. It’s so very beautiful.

We are excited for our new class of Mystic which is coming out on Dec 13th. I know I’m standing on pins and needles for this one. I can’t wait to see everyone’s Mystic characters. The best part of any game is doing the features that make up your character, and this game gives you so many options for it. You can really spend some time just changing all the looks on your character. I can’t wait to see everyone’s Mystic!

From BDo NOR we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Countess FrostDreams

*Sabetha the Saboteur Down!


By Raven, there’s no end to the threats to Tyria but NOR stands ready to defend it.  We’ve taken the fight to the Isle of Istan with the release of the first episode of Living Season 4: “Daybreak” which has also given us a new Fractal (“Twilight Oasis”) and a new Raid (“Hall of Chains”) (link).

Speaking of Raids, NOR celebrated its first Wing clear with the downing of Sabetha the Saboteur (link). Congratulations to all. If you want to show Bear your strength, join us in #aerodrome chat or speak with Duke Valikk.

And to help us defend Tyria, Wolf has aided us in finding new recruits in MelitaDore, Origin, Lirys, Whitedusk and Moose.  Also Beesus & Nik were promoted to Squire and the promotion of 3 new officers Baroness Fana, Baron Ed, and myself (link). 

In addition, we are still able to laugh with Snow Leopard at Palawa Joko and Kralkatorrik and will be celebrating Wintersday starting December 12th. We’ll be ringing in the season by having snowball fights, defending gift-bearing dolyaks, leaping from snowflake to snowflake in a jumping puzzle, stopping rebellious toys in Tixx’s workshop and handing out gifts to orphans.  In addition, NOR is having its own celebration with a Wintersday screenshot contest to help spread the Wintersday cheer on our #wintersday Discord channel.  And on December 16th please join us as we’ll have an “Ugly Sweater” Party and Secret Skritt exchange in the guild hall.

Keep up to date on our adventures in Tyria at #lionsarch and may the spirits watch over you in yours.

Baron Sofija

*Master Spellplague Caverns


Happy Holidays from the Forgotten Realms! 

Our guild hall has been making amazing progress thanks to the hard work and generous donations from our members.  Most other guilds our size rarely make it this far in the upgrading process.  Champion Benn has been our invaluable advisor in what to do, and our Stronghold would not be where it is without him.

This last month also marks a landmark in our dungeon progression runs--we took a full NOR group into one of the endgame dungeons, Master Spellplague Caverns.  There are finally enough of us that are geared to take this on.  Write up of our heroics is here: Dungeon Journal

The annual Winter Festival returns this week December 14.  We can once again take out our sleds and fishing rods, and slay some trolls in the snow!

Until the new year,

Duchess Phelaia Fiendline

*Sunday, December 17 at 9PM ET come to the NOR Holiday Party on the Sith Guide ship!


Many exciting things have occurred since our last newsletter! More new content has been released for solo and group play.  NOR did what we do best and dominated the new boss Nahut.  It took a couple of tries as we hadn’t gone up against that boss before but as always, we were victorious!  The following week yielded a spectacular victory with Knight Kaurix and Countess Galaxiya being the last two standing over the corpse of Nahut.  We are confident the next go around will be even better although cannot promise there won’t be a few deaths.  Duke Intisar always takes us on a rollercoaster of death and mayhem that cannot be topped.  Join us for the fun!

Double XP is back so take advantage of the new storyline, flashpoint “A traitor among the Chiss”, and the new group activities.  We enjoy running the group content and are happy to help anyone wanting to level, just give us a shout and we’ll be ready!

The winter fun and games are about to begin.  Don’t forget to arm yourself appropriately with a snowball as the frosty fun will be fierce!  The cartel market may have some deals you want to take a look at as many times what’s on sale doesn’t stay on sale long so get it while it’s hot.

As the Branch moves into the next exciting phase, we invite everyone to keep contributing in whatever ways you can. The NOR Spirit is flourishing here, and we hope that together we all can continue to pull together and take the Branch to new heights. Good luck in your gaming adventures and we hope to see you in game! May the Force be with You!

Countess Galaxiya

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