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Date Realm Description
00-00-0000 GW2 Awarded: Family Award - 1st Generation
06-01-1995 TSoY Recruited
06-01-1995 TSoY Awarded: Founders Medal
06-08-1995 TSoY Promoted to Squire
06-15-1995 TSoY Promoted to Baron
08-01-1997 EMP Transferred to Empiriana
08-01-1997 EMP Promoted to Count
08-01-1997 EMP Awarded: Silver Gavel
11-09-1997 EMP Promoted to Duke
11-09-1997 EMP Branch Leaader
04-30-1998 EMP Change in status: LoA
10-31-2005 EMP Transferred to World of Warcraft.
07-06-2006 WoW Branch Leader
09-17-2007 WoW Awarded: NOR Commendation Medal
01-27-2008 WoW Promoted to Lord.
10-04-2010 WoW Received the Golden Aldobora Tree medal for ICC
10-04-2010 WoW Awarded: Golden Aldobora Tree
11-12-2011 Awarded: Guild Unity Event Medal
12-22-2011 SWTOR Active SWTOR
12-22-2011 SWTOR Branch Leader of SWTOR
05-29-2012 SWTOR Step Down from SWTOR Branch Leader
08-15-2012 NOR Newsletter issues: 1-5
10-01-2012 NOR Podcast Episodes: 1-7
11-16-2012 DDO GLUE, DDO Nov 16th-18th 2012
01-15-2013 NOR Newsletter issues: 6, 8-14, 17
01-18-2013 SWTOR GLUE, SWTOR Jan 18th-20th 2013
01-30-2013 NOR Podcast Episodes: 9-17
03-22-2013 EQ2 GLUE, EQ2 March 22nd-24th 2013
04-26-2013 NW Active Beta Group Neverwinter
05-10-2013 NW GLUE, NW May 10th-12th 2013
05-19-2013 RIFT Awarded: Basher 2013
06-21-2013 RIFT GLUE, RIFT June 21st-23th 2013
07-01-2013 NW inactive NW
08-24-2013 RIFT NOR Wedding: Lasarian and Stelmarii
10-10-2013 NOMAD NOR CCG League S1: Solforge Tournament
10-25-2013 RIFT Received the Forum Ribbon medal.
10-25-2013 RIFT Awarded: Forum Ribbon: 1000
01-19-2014 NOR Newsletter issues: 19
07-31-2014 RIFT Received the Broadcaster Medal
07-31-2014 RIFT Awarded: Benefactor Award, Gold
07-31-2014 RIFT Awarded: Broadcaster Medal
07-31-2014 RIFT Awarded: Scribe Medal
08-05-2014 SWTOR Transferred from RIFT
05-20-2015 NOR Emertitus
06-05-2015 SWTOR Change in status: LOA
03-07-2016 CU Transferred from Star Wars: The Old Republic
03-07-2016 CU Change in status: Active
07-05-2016 GW2 Transferred from Camelot Unchained
08-06-2016 NOMAD Transferred from Guild Wars 2
09-04-2016 TT NORtabletop co-founder
10-27-2016 TT LoA
04-13-2017 GW2 Transferred from NOMAD
07-09-2017 GW2 Change in status: MIA
00-00-0000 RIFT Protector of the Realm Keys
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