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Date Realm Description
10-01-1997 TR Recruited, date unkown
10-01-1997 TR Squire
10-08-1997 TR Promoted to Squire Court
11-15-1997 TR Promoted to Squire Honor
03-17-2001 EQ Promoted to Knight
10-25-2001 EQ Promoted to Knight Elite
03-04-2002 EQ Promoted to Baron
03-04-2002 EQ Received the Family Award - 1st Generation
06-11-2002 EQ Quest Master
02-08-2003 EQ Dungeon Master
02-08-2003 EQ Promoted to Count of Zeb Duchy
02-13-2005 WoW Received the Silver Gavel
03-05-2005 WoW Received the Silver Starburst
06-25-2009 RoM Change in status: Active
00-00-0000 RoM Active Count of Howling Mountains County
01-24-2010 RoM Promoted to Duke
01-24-2010 RoM Branch Leader: Runes of Magic
12-31-2012 RIFT Transferred from World of Warcraft
04-15-2013 NW 2013 Contributor of Newsletter issues: 9-10, 13
04-15-2013 NW Received the Scribe Medal
05-07-2013 NW Active NW
05-10-2013 NW GLUE, NW May 10th-12th 2013
05-10-2013 NW Received the Guild Unity Event Medal
06-15-2013 NW Inactive NW
06-21-2013 RIFT GLUE, RIFT June 21st-23th 2013
08-24-2013 RIFT Rift, NORwedding of Lasarian and Stelmarii 08-24-2013
08-05-2014 RIFT Change in status: MIA
09-14-2014 ARC Acting Baron of Provisional Barony
09-14-2014 ARC Transferred from RIFT
10-27-2014 ARC Received the NOR Meritorious Achievement Medal - County
10-28-2014 ARC Received the Broadcaster Medal
03-31-2015 TR Knight Protector Order of Realm Masters
04-09-2015 ARC Received the Benefactor Award, Bronze
04-12-2015 ARC Promoted to HC Lord, by Edu, Yavool, Tundrra
03-06-2016 GW2 Visitor
03-31-2016 BDo Visitor
05-04-2016 BDo No Longer Visiting
06-05-2016 GW2 No Longer Visiting
06-05-2017 ARC Promoted to Lord Emeritus
06-05-2017 ARC Change in status: LOA, Stepped down from active HC Lord
00-00-0000 ARC Active
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